Whether you are thinking about sending your child to UCLA, are a new Bruin parent or have been one for years — here are the tools, resources and links you'll need to learn more about who we are and how we can help you and your Bruin experience UCLA life to its fullest.

The Office of Parent & Family Programs

There are many ways for parents and guardians to participate at UCLA. The Office of Parent & Family Programs can help you get connected to the university and to other Bruin families. We know that an informed and supportive family plays an integral role in a student’s educational success. We are committed to helping parents and families share in a positive college experience.

A mother and father smile proudly with their Bruin daughter in front of Royce Hall
Male students experimenting with a robotic flying drone

Campus Life

From the bustling energy of Bruin Walk to the glorious vista from Janss Steps — the UCLA campus is beautiful. But what really inspires your child and forges their character is our uniquely diverse environment. UCLA is alive with a wealth of cultures, ethnicities, perspectives and experiences. From classrooms, labs and libraries to more than , there are countless ways to learn and grow. For new students, exploration begins at orientation — there's even a , so you can get your own feel for campus life.

Every day offers a new opportunity, experience or life-shaping event for your child.

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Living on campus is part of the UCLA experience. The are just a few minutes away from each other by foot, with classes not much farther than that. Your child will be immersed in campus life, giving them every outlet and opportunity to find their niche.

Vibrant, exciting, unforgettable — perhaps that's why more than 97 percent of freshmen choose to live on campus.
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Health & Safety

UCLA is located in Westwood, one of the safest and most affluent neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Few areas are more highly monitored and protected, including the surrounding communities of Beverly Hills, Brentwood and Bel Air. UCLA increases protection with state-of-the-art security systems, campus alert systems, personal escorts, van pick-up services and a dedicated police force. Also on campus is the and the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, one of the top five hospitals in the nation.

Welcome to one the most secure campuses in the country.

Financial Aid

More Than Half of Students Receive Some Sort of Financial Aid.

Few universities of UCLA's caliber have a higher percentage of students who receive Pell Grants. This is because we put a far greater value on students’ abilities than on their means.

If your child has the drive, we have the resources.
Students studying in one of UCLA's research libraries
Female student receiving career counseling

A Passport to Future Success

A degree from UCLA is more than a certificate of completion from a world-renowned university. It's a passport to your child's future success.

一道本不卡免费高清As the most applied-to university in the country, where admitted students have an average GPA of 4.39, UCLA ensures your child studies with the very best. And with more than 427,000 living UCLA alumni, your child is now part of a network that reaches the top of almost every field.

UCLA students boast a . Our environment produces graduates well equipped to make a professional impact. That's why global and domestic businesses and nonprofits actively recruit within the .

Visit UCLA

See for yourself the place where optimists thrive. Campus visits can be family experiences, with parents and siblings exploring UCLA as well as prospective students.

Aerial photo of UCLA campus